Customer / Dealer Information Card

Name of the organization
Constitution of the Firm
Company P.A.N. Number (if any)
Name/s of Proprietor/Partner/Directors
Contact Person
Office Address
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Email Id
Website (if any)
C.S.T. Number
L.S.T. Number
T.I.N Number
Year of Establishment
No. of Employees
Type of Industry
Brands/Companies you are associated with
Products in use (details & quantities)
Total annual turnover for last three years
                  Year 1
                  Year 2
                  Year 3
Annual turnover of Abrasives of last three years (with % Participation of each brand)
                   Year 1
                   Year 2
                   Year 3
Projected off take for the next year
Banker's Name
Banker's Address
Bank Gurantee (if any)
Source of procurement
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